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What is Text Summary?

With the automatic summarizer app Text Summary, you may save time and focus on the key ideas in lengthy texts. You can create a summary of any document, article, or website with just a few taps, making it quick and simple for you to grasp the important ideas.

How Does Text Summary Work?

Advanced algorithms are used by Text Summary to assess the text's content and pinpoint its main ideas before condensing it into a more manageable summary. Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can adjust the summary length and select from a variety of summary formats.


Key Features

  • Get summaries from any article, document, or website.
  • Modify the summary's format and length.
  • Summaries can be saved for later use or shared to others.

Benefits of Using Text Summary

  • Spend less time by swiftly grasping the major ideas in lengthy publications.
  • Boost your concentration and reading speed
  • Simple to examine and edit difficult material
  • Remain abreast with critical points

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